YA/Middle-Grade/Kid’s BOOKS

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The One and Only Skizitz

Wouldn’t it be boring if everyone was the same?
Skizitz is a True Original who found the magic key to life…Different is Fabulous!

Skizitz is the goofy kid, the weird kid who gets teased and bullied for the unusual way she dresses, eats, talks, plays sports and acts. Everything she does, even her name, is different. But what’s even more unique about her is that she doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. She not only marches to her own drummer; she’s the whole band all at the same time. No matter what parents, teachers or other kids feel about her, she is always true to herself.

Diary of a 6th Grade “C” Cup

School is tough, girls can be mean and boys can be dumb. When 4th grader Katie is the first in her class to get a bra, she encounters giggles, bullying, teasing, whispers and a world of
stupidity. Follow Katie on her journey thru grades 4 to 7 with all the scars and bumps in the road to realize her own truth and get into teendom with as few tears and jeers as possible.

How an Angel Gets Its Wings

Do angels always have wings? Sydney the apprentice angel needs kind thoughts and good deeds on her journey to earn her wings and become a REAL angel. Illustrations by Stephen Hippleheuser

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