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I tell everyday people’s stories through fictional books and theatrical productions with heart, hope, humor, and humanity, and all the flaws, choices, and discovery that come with their individual journey. I invite you to come along for the ride with me and meet some interesting people you may know or would like to know. It may even be you. I promise to try to make you laugh, love, and feel, and I will try not to bore you. I would be honored to be your guide.

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Butterfly Bridal Boutique: Little Shoppes Book 2

Women’s Friendship Fiction

Everyone Needs a Place They Belong.

Filmmaker Ellen believes she’s finally found a place where she can grow roots. After a lonely and turbulent childhood, she’s bonded with newfound friends in the small town of St. Sebastian to start over. While telling their life stories of friendship and personal trials and triumph, as seen through the lens of her camera, her connection with the women of The Little Shoppes deepens.

As she reflects their journey, she develops stronger ties with the women shop owners and is embraced as part of their family.

Focusing her viewfinder on Becky and her precocious four-year-old Ali, she empathizes and relates to her past and present and chronicles her emotional relationship with her family business, Butterfly Bridal Boutique, while watching Becky plan the wedding of two of The Little Shoppes favorite people, Ken and Ron.

But the threat to the future of The Little Shoppes widens and divides the formerly close-knit town, challenging their spirit. Ellen joins in the fight and contributes to the solution to help bridge her new hometown, while simultaneously recording the events for her documentary.

Will the townspeople heal their dispute and save The Little Shoppes and their all-women owners from destruction? Will friendship and support be enough to aid the shop owners?


Summer of Love: Timeless American Historic Romance Book 3

Peg McIntyre escapes her pre-planned life to find herself in 1969 New York following the music scene and free love movement.

PANDEMONIUM at Peacock Perch: Secret Senior Sleuths 3

The Senior Sleuths tackle a mysterious rash of identity and computer theft causing pandemonium among panicked residents. Is the culprit within?

Butterfly Bridal Boutique: Little Shoppes Series Book 3

Ellen and Randa work together to find Jane’s heir and save The Little Shoppes, while learning more about each other and Amanda’s road to St. Sebastian.