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I tell everyday people’s stories through fiction with heart, hope, humor, and humanity, and all the flaws, choices, and discovery that come with their individual journey. I invite you to come along for the ride with me and meet some interesting people you may know or would like to know. It may even be you. I promise to try to make you laugh, love, and feel, and I will try not to bore you. I would be honored to be your guide.

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The Little Shoppes Series

Friendship and a sense of community exist anywhere you make them happen.

Best friends Trudy and Niki opened a cupcake shop to fulfill their dreams and unexpectedly created a warm community environment of friendship with somewhere to belong.

When they enter the highly competitive Sweets Off reality contest baking show, a filmmaker chronicles their journey through confessionals, and shares their personal trials and hurdles as women. As she documents the caring relationships of their staff, customers and fellow shopkeepers, it affects her own reality.

As their small town and cupcake family rallies to cheer them on, Trudy and Niki battle for victory. But when all the businesses in The Little Shoppes are threatened, the owners bolster each other to face adversity together. Win, lose or draw, will they ever be the same?

How did you two meet?

It’s a common question when you encounter new people. We have an insatiable desire to believe in love. But is love at first sight possible? This new Kindle Vella series tells individual stories of REAL women and how they fell in love in one glance.


IRISH EYES: A Timeless American Historic Romance Book 2

Maggie’s Irish Eyes always show her emotions, for better and worse. As she sets them on 1890 America, will love pave her way in her new country?

PERIL at Peacock Perch: Secret Senior Sleuths Book 2

The Sleuths encounter their biggest challenge to date…a real murder in their small community. Can they crack the case?

BUTTERFLY BRIDAL SHOPPE: The Little Shoppes Series Book 2

Becky deals with her past and the uncertain future of her shoppe, while trying to direct the wedding of two little shoppe family favorites.