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I tell everyday people’s stories through fiction with heart, hope, humor, and humanity, and all the flaws, choices, and discovery that come with their individual journey. I invite you to come along for the ride with me and meet some interesting people you may know or would like to know. It may even be you. I promise to try to make you laugh, love, and feel, and I will try not to bore you. I would be honored to be your guide.

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The One and Only Skizitz: A Growing Up Girls Book

Wouldn’t it be boring if everyone was the same?
Skizitz is a True Original who found the magic key to life…Different is Fabulous!

Skizitz is the goofy kid, the weird kid who gets teased and bullied for the unusual way she dresses, eats, talks, plays sports and acts. Everything she does, even her name, is different. But what’s even more unique about her is that she doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. She not only marches to her own drummer; she’s the whole band all at the same time. No matter what parents, teachers or other kids feel about her, she is always true to herself.

This is the second book in the Growing Up Girls middle-grade book seriesThese books tell the stories of different girls ages 8-16 who struggle to fit in because of bullying, teasing and expectations put on them by others. Despite difficulties, each girl finds a way to embrace themselves for exactly who they are. In the first book, Diary of a 6th Grade “c” Cup we meet Katie who has to deal with growing up in 4th to 6th grades as the first in her class to wear a bra among all the bullies’ giggles and snickers.


Puzzle at Peacock Perch: Secret Senior Sleuths Mysteries Book 1

Someone in senior community Peacock Perch is Missing! There are several theories by gossiping residents. The Secret Senior Sleuths Society has to cut through the “drama” to solve the mystery.

WHEN WALLS TALK: Beck’s Rules Mysteries Book 2

MAY BECK IS BACK! In this Prequel to Beck’s Rules, May’s move transports her through space and time to solve the mystery that lies behind the walls of her greystone.

CUPCAKES, ETC: A Little Shoppes Series Book 1

The little Cupcake Shop is more than just sweets, it’s community, heart and friendship. And when they compete on a baking reality show, it will be so much more.