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The Little Shoppes Books

The Little Shoppes book series features the friendships, trials and tribulations of a group of women business owners in the small town of St. Sebastian Illinois whose individual and combined journeys of life are chronicled by a documentary filmmaker. Each book features heart-warming stories and struggles of a different shop and the women who own them, as well as the undying support they give each other to fight for their livelihoods.


The Little Shoppes Series – Book 1

Friendship and a sense of community exist anywhere you make them happen.

Best friends Trudy and Niki opened a cupcake shop to fulfill their dreams and unexpectedly created a warm community environment of friendship with somewhere to belong. When they enter the highly competitive Sweets Off reality contest baking show, a filmmaker chronicles their journey through confessionals, and shares their personal trials and hurdles as women. As she documents the caring relationships of their staff, customers and fellow shopkeepers, it affects her own reality. As their small town and cupcake family rallies to cheer them on, Trudy and Niki battle for victory. But when all the businesses in The Little Shoppes are threatened, the owners bolster each other to face adversity together. Win, lose or draw, will they ever be the same?

Butterfly Bridal Boutique

The Little Shoppes Series – Book 2


Will small town loyalty and friendships prevail as The Little Shoppes life, Becky’s livelihood and the liberty of a gay wedding hang in the balance?

The Little Shoppes predicament with the mayor and town council in St. Sebastian heats up in the Book 2 as Ellen’s documentary moves to Becky and Ali at the Butterfly Bridal Boutique.
While Becky is distraught about losing her family’s legacy, Ellen documents Becky’s rocky and emotional road of joys, sorrows, and fears, trudging up her insecurities as a mother, daughter and businesswoman. But while she fights inner battles, she and the Little Shoppes family add another struggle to their armor to save Ken and Ron’s wedding from bigotry and hate. But will it be Becky’s last wedding to plan? Will there be a wedding at all?

A Cup and a Book

The Little Shoppes Series – Book 3

Will a secret heir save The Little Shoppes?

After a developer comes into change the face of their small town, St. Sebastian and the defeated owners of The Little Shoppes begrudgingly move toward a new reality with a big corporate water park in their town and the dissolution of The Little Shoppes family, but filmmaker Ellen has one card up her sleeve.

She suspects there’s an heir to Jane’s estate, a secret child, who may be able to change the course of the town. Attorney and shopkeeper Randa and Ellen work together to discover the clues to find the secret child and if there is any legal recourse to have them contest the will. But it’s a longshot at best.

Working so closely, Ellen chooses Randa and her Cup and a Book Coffee Shoppe as the next profile subject in her documentary The Heart of the Town. We learn more about Randa’s journey from corporate attorney to coffee shop owner. And we delve more into Amanda’s dark past. For both, the road that led them both to St. Sebastian and The Little Shoppes reminds Ellen of her past, present and future, revealing more about her own path to St. Sebastian, the salvation for every lost soul who comes there.

The big question is will they be able to turn the tide and save The Little Shoppes with a last bastion of hope?

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