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PUZZLE AT PEACOCK PERCH – Secret Senior Sleuths Society

Can a group of senior amateur detectives solve the mystery and find their missing neighbor?

Willow Wisteria disappeared, but not without a trace. Now it’s up to Madame Sleuth and the members of the Secret Senior Sleuths Society of Peacock Perch to find out what happened to her. They’ve set aside their bingo and bridge games and daily tennis and pickle ball matches to investigate “The Case of the Vanishing Vixen.” They’ll use all their cunning, life experience and the knowledge from their former occupations to follow the trail of gossip and social media posts about Willow to gather clues and find suspects with means, motive and opportunity.

In this first book in the Secret Senior Sleuths Society of Peacock Perch Series, these seniors are tasked with a genuine puzzle and their original investigation of many. People think retirement communities are quiet with sleepy residents, but in fact, Peacock Perch is a typical senior village full of misdeeds and mystery that keeps the detectives very busy. And they know just where to look. Paperback Large Print Edition, Kindle & Kindle Unlimited.


Beck’s Rules

Where Is newspaper reporter May Beck? Come along for the ride as city editor Buc Edwards tries to solve this 50-year old mystery. Haunted by the mysterious disappearance of his friend and mentor, City Editor Buc Edwards gave up on existence. Fifty years ago reporter May Beck vanished without a trace while investigating a web of political corruption and organized crime. New evidence now breathes life into this cold case and he’ll risk everything to discover the truth, no matter the cost. But when he follows her path of puzzling clues through unexpected realities of time and space, the journey itself is more than he bargained for, taking him where he never dreamed he’d go.Will the clues she left behind be enough to solve the mystery and ease his obsession or will he encounter uncertainties into what is or isn’t real? Is time itself his friend or foe?

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