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The Sailor and the Songbird

Suzy arrived in New York City in January 1944 with starry-eyed hopes and dreams for stardom. That all changed when she locked glances from her USO stage with a charming red-haired sailor with emerald eyes. From then on her world turned topsy-turvy and back with an enchanting, all-consuming wartime romance to beat the band. With WWII raging, the fifteen-month whirlwind journey pushes and pulls her from boundless romantic glee and excitement to the farthest depths of utter loneliness and tear-jerking sadness. Can heart-warming true love triumph over the tragedy of war to give these soul mates the forever life they long for together?


First Sight: Contemporary Stories of Falling in Love at One Glance

“How did you two meet?” is a common question is when meeting a new couple. Love is an all-powerful emotion that can make you feel the heights of euphorbia and the depths of despair, but is it possible to look across a water cooler, a bar, a street or a crowded room and fireworks ignite or at least flicker? In this series we celebrate love at First Sight with REAL stories of REAL people who in one glance have experienced sparks, fireworks, trumpets, and lighting bolts to fall in love.

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