I have been an amateur trouper for many years, acting, directing, producing and even working back of house. I love it and really believe that all types of productions should have a place so both professionals and hobbyists can sharpen their skills, emote and tell a variety of stories, while enjoying the unique welcoming comradery of a theatrical company. As a fellow trouper, I am very flexible with changes and pricing to customize these to individual company needs.

All theatrical plays listed below have been previously produced and available to license for professional or community and other amateur theatrical performances. If you are interested in licensing the play, please complete the form below. Your email will be returned in 24 hours.

The live premiere of a television show in front of a room full of reporters is interrupted by the murder of one of its own. When the police detective interrogates the cast, he allows the press to ask questions. Set in the 1950’s, this mystery has different endings to keep the audience guessing through multiple performances. It can be performed on a traditional stage or for smaller audiences, it affords a built-in interactive option, perfect for fundraisers or corporate dinners. It features up to 12 characters.

A precious diamond is stolen and a femme fatale asks the fallible gumshoe to help her find the diamond and solve her own murder. Set in the 1940’s, this tongue-and-cheek noir style comedy/mystery can be performed onstage or as an old-fashioned radio show. It features fun period commercials with 15 characters.

A 25 reunion of college friends reveals hidden past and present secrets of infatuation, infidelity and murder with a lot of humor, mystery and a twist that no one will expect, even the cast. It features the multiple possible endings and 13 characters.

When a kid’s birthday gets out of control, the grandparents blame the mother and she blames everyone else. If everyone survives, they may never be the same. This fast-paced comedy farce features 11 characters in ridiculous extremes coming in and out and laughs a plenty. Buckle up!

This musical depicts the heartwarming story of a man’s view of his one-year Vietnam tour in 1971 and the bonds formed from the plane-ride in to the journey home between unlikely friends who became brothers. Throughout the story tells the comradery, laughter and seriousness of the situation on a roller coaster ride that keeps the audience laughing and crying at the same time, but leaves them with a warm feeling of hope. Features 14 songs and up to 16 characters (some minor parts can be combined).

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