Zoom around the World in 7 Days

“Where are you going on your vacation, Gayle?” Clark asked. “We’re going on a 7-day trip around the world,” Gayle answered. “We can’t wait.” “A 7-day trip around the world? You can’t do that?” Clark laughed.   “Sure you can. It’s easy with Zoom Virtual Travel,” Gayle said. “We’ve been Zooming around the globe forContinue reading “Zoom around the World in 7 Days”


Mary-Go-Round “In ten miles, turn left at Exit 104,” said the kindly GPS voice.  After school, Katie has band practice, then Holly has dance, and Robbie has to get to guitar lessons, Mary thought.  Do I have a lasagna in the fridge for dinner? Mary’s daily commute gave her ninety whole minutes to herself eachContinue reading “Mary-Go-Round”


It was 1975, in a Playboy Club Resort in Wisconsin. Ricky Nelson serenaded his former teen fans in a small dimly-light, smoke-filled nightclub where malted drinks didn’t mean ice cream, but single-malt scotch in ice-filled tumblers.  Everyone was a little older, but for those moments, transported back to a time and place where swooning andContinue reading “Generations”

Taken for a Ride

Purchasing a first car was a rite of passage.  It was a sign of adulthood, that you could survive on your own in the real world. But before the internet, buying a car required a little more work.  The only source of information was blue books and the wisdom of prior generations.  I sought helpContinue reading “Taken for a Ride”


It started just like another other day in the life of a mother with three babies, one wife and one dog.   Six am brought in the new day with the immediate chaos of three one-year old boys greeting the morning with the usual gusto, screaming at each other and running around chasing each other andContinue reading “Interruptions”

The “Right” Box

“We are sending out a detailed marketing survey specifically targeting certain age groups to pinpoint the listening habits of our audiences in the following categories 18-24, 25-31, 32-40, 41-46, 47-54 and 55 plus,” Bee Boss, Sirius radio executive, explained to her team.  “We want to ensure we are meeting the needs of all our demographicContinue reading “The “Right” Box”

Hump Day Bar

Alicia was having the worst day.  Coming from a terrible work meeting, she hastily retreated from her unhappy client’s office, breaking her shoe heel and hurting her ankle.  Then after hobbling and walking for blocks in an unfamiliar part of town, she couldn’t find her car.  Frustrated, upset and very overwhelmed, she stopped abruptly whenContinue reading “Hump Day Bar”

Shopping Cart Crimes

This short story received an Honorable Mention for Creativity by the Fort Myers Weekly Press writing competition, September 2019. t looks like a crime scene.  Yellow caution tape, orange cones, this place is a mess.  But it’s really not my fault.  I was an unwitting accomplice, even a victim.  And I have the dents toContinue reading “Shopping Cart Crimes”