Out With the Old; In With the New

Traditions abound in the small town of Hope. Over the years, the town has been through many struggles, including opening and closing of factories, hard financial times, and personal losses, but nothing reduces the spirit of their community. Every Sunday people gather after church for ice cream socials. On the Fourth of July, the volunteerContinue reading “Out With the Old; In With the New”

A Window to Your World

Author’s Note: This story is an excerpt from The Peril at Peacock Perch, Book 2 in the Secret Senior Sleuths Society Mysteries, just released. When investigating a mystery, you have to break a few eggs and a few rules. One of them is a thorough search of the victim’s home. Some detectives are squeamish aboutContinue reading “A Window to Your World”

From a Frustrated Florida Driver

Florida driving should be considered a contact sport. But upon further examination, I can see why we are among the worst drivers in America. After looking at it from the other point of view, I understand why you don’t stop at stop signs. The California roll is much easier and affords less undue stress toContinue reading “From a Frustrated Florida Driver”

Echoes in Time

From photographs and slides to digital, preservation efforts often past memories to be technologically updated, providing opportunities for different views. Although I’ve flipped through photos in scrapbooks and albums numerous times before, but television viewing afforded the possibly for a room full of people to view the same photograph at the same time. And theContinue reading “Echoes in Time”